Major Mob Website

Project Details

  • Categories: web, writing
  • Subcategories: HTML/CSS coding
  • Date completed: May 2012
  • Client: Seminar class, a culminating course wherein teams work to create and design identity and communications for a (fake) non-profit company that they dream up.
  • Skills applied: writing, web design, HTML/CSS coding, grid framework
  • Software used: Balsamiq, BBEdit, Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop
  • Project url:
  • Teammates: Hannah-Love Shibley and Alicia Baraniewicz
  • My role: writing, coding, brainstorming design and images, coordinated implementation of JavaScript with a web developer’s help

Project Summary

Major Mob, a student project, is a non-profit after-school program designed to help public high school students explore, examine, and identify their career interests in order to help them choose their college major prior to entering undergraduate education.

The website includes an in-depth description of the services Major Mob provides to three main audiences: students, parents, and volunteer mentors. Site features also include 4 unique page layouts; a header with logo, main and secondary (where necessary) navigation, and links to social media; an over-sized footer with links, sitemap, and a PHP-powered contact form; 2 JavaScript image sliders; 1 JavaScript ‘scroll-to-fix’ contact button throughout, and 2 Google web fonts; as well as a consistent tone, image style, typography, and color palette.