Bridal Shower Invitation

Invitation up close Welcome Message Tasting Sheet Instructions Tasting Sheet Form

Project Details

  • Categories: print, writing
  • Subcategories: invitation
  • Date completed: January 2013
  • Client: Bride, hosts, and guests
  • Skills applied: typography, layout, copy writing, creative concepts
  • Software used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Project Summary

This invitation was theme-appropriate, used the bride's wedding colors, and was designed to fit inside a standard #10 envelope. The shower was a wine-tasting and the invitation begged to be designed as a wine bottle cut out and adhered to a heavy cardstock. The clients also needed print materials to accompany the tasting, such as instructions, tasting sheets and more.

The party was extremely successful; the guests loved how well it came together, from the printed materials to the decorations, the wine, and the company!