Infographic - Intranet Survey Results

University of Maryland Baltimore style guide was used to create this infogaphic. Note that this is just a small sample of the style guide created by University of Maryland Baltimore." alt=""/>

Project Details

  • Categories: digital design
  • Subcategories: infographic
  • Date completed: July 2013
  • Client: University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc - Practice Operations Department
  • Skills applied: layout, typography, writing, creative concepts
  • Software used: Adobe Illustrator
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Project Summary

Part of my job at FPI requires content management of my department's intranet site, which often includes writing content and a strong understanding of the site's audience and their needs. Though I initially had a basic understanding of the site's audiences and what their needs were, further discovery was necessary. Thus, I initiated, wrote, published, and analyzed the results of a survey in order to both increase awareness about the site and improve my knowledge of my audiences' needs.

After analyzing several pivot tables in Excel, I realized the survey results should be published in a more digestible format in order to increase engagement and encourage future participation in surveys. Because the idea of intranet survey results is somewhat of an abstract concept, I used a magnifying glass to convey that we have gained knowledge by getting a closer look. Since this survey relies so heavily on our site's audience, I used simple illustrations of people along with comment bubbles in order to detail specific and constructive ideas from survey participants.