Hi. I’m Kate Lawless and I’m a communicator.

I design, write, and create many things: concepts, identities, stationery sets, magazine spreads, brochures, fliers, posters, billboards, invitations, illustrations, animations, interactive media, websites, social media pages, html emails, news articles, social media posts/campaigns, and much more. So you see, I’m not just a designer, not just a writer, not just a creator. I’m a communicator.

A little bit about my process

I make lists. Lots of lists. Lists on scraps of paper, lists in random notebooks, and even lists on my shower wall (with these awesome shower crayons). Lists come in handy when I’m brainstorming a new project; they help me think it through or make connections in order to produce creative ideas.

Most of all, I love to tell engaging, informative, and user-centric brand stories. I do this by first researching my audience and brand, writing lists (of course), and sketching a lot. Selecting type and color comes naturally to me, and I love to maneuver layouts while maintaining a consistent aesthetic feel throughout projects. I also enjoy strategizing websites, planning UI/UX, and hand-coding HTML/CSS (confession: I’ve never used Dreamweaver). Writing and managing content for digital spaces, whether it’s published on a site, through social media, or via email blasts, is also a strong passion of mine.

How I became who I am today

I’m a born-and-raised Baltimore girl, but my journey as a communicator began in West Virginia while pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts degree in English Composition from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

A few years after graduation, I found myself working for a small academic publisher called INFORMS, where I re-discovered my love for layout design. When my boss recommended the Publications Design program at the University of Baltimore, I jumped on the opportunity. It was the quickest and best decision I’ve ever made.

4 years, 9 semesters and 39 credits later, I graduated from the program in May 2012 with a Master of Arts and a head full of knowledge in conceptualizing, writing, and designing for different types of media and audiences.

Where I’m going

Technology is evolving at the speed of light and I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, so I enjoy staying on top of the latest trends via my AIGA membership, and several design and communication publications like HOW Magazine, Smashing Magazine, and many more.

In March 2013, I actually joined the AIGA Baltimore Board as the Social Media Chair. In this position, I'm learning about social media content management at a rapid pace, and I love every minute. On top of that, I get to give back by supporting the Baltimore design community and my profession as a whole.

Please take a look at my resume and contact me to include me in your next project!